Over five centuries ago, the Incas lived in an advanced society that was 100% regulated by the government. The Sapac Inca and his court kept records of demographic and production data that were used to calculate tax contributions, but also to help out regions hit by climatic disasters or war.
The storage and analysis of these vital data was done using ... knots. These knots were called kipus (since no written language as we know it existed in the Inca period, the correct way of writing "kipu" is a matter of debate).
And there lies our ambition; now that modern technology replaced the knots with 0's and 1's and the internet became the incredible alternative for the chasqui messenger and the lama carrying the kipus around, the combination of a powerful database back-end and a flexible and easily accessible interface such as a website can provide any business with solutions they might still consider beyond their reach -or budget-.

On this website you will find information about our capabilities and latest work experiences.

Any comments or questions are welcome at dirk@kipu.be.
Currently fully contracted until the end of January 2017; feel free to visit the resume page, however !
Latest work
Kipu is currently contracted by 3E; they specialize in sustainable energy and our task consists in the development of an online database for registering green electricity certificates -not publicly accessible-, an online biomass trading platform and monitoring and forecasting services for windfarms and solar installations.
Personal project
The website of our survival team is on line again!
If you enjoy nature, be sure to pay us a visit and see if you're interested to join (in Dutch).